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SUPPORT THE SPORT YOU LOVE WHEN YOU JOIN THE UNITED STATES BROOMBALL ASSOCIATION! Anyone would be hard-pressed to find a more passionate and dedicated group of athletes than broomballers!  The USBA is dedicated to creating new opportunities to play and supporting the broomball community across the country. You can help support the effort by becoming… Continue reading Create Your Member Profile (it’s free + great perks!)


2022 Queen City Southern Shootout Weekend has arrived! This is the page players, fans in the stands or on couches need to keep up with the action.  Game scores will be posted after each game and stats will be updated ASAP throughout the weekend.  Click either division below to follow along.  Catch the live stream… Continue reading QCSS 2022 IS HERE!

2022 QCSS Schedule

Saturday TIME HOME TEAM LOCKER VISITOR TEAM LOCKER 8:00 Sloppy Seconds M4 Bay State Seamen T4 8:45 Southern Heat M2 Turbulence T5 9:30 L’Equipe R Jacks T2 Violet Femmes T3 10:15 Mackey Attack M3 Carolina Blue M4 11:00 Sloppy Seconds M4 Ice Mambas M1 11:45 Violet Femmes T3 Fancy Pants T1 12:30 ICE CUT –… Continue reading 2022 QCSS Schedule

2021 Board Election Results

One of the goals of the United States Broomball Association is to help foster the growth of Broomball all over the country. As such, we have a diverse board that represents many different states and broomball enthusiasts, all of whom are excited about the upcoming 2021-2022 season. We are happy to announce that after a… Continue reading 2021 Board Election Results

What These Letters Stand For (in words & execution)

Who Are We?  The United States Broomball Association (USBA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity that is solely focused on the support and growth of the sport of broomball in the United States.  With a board of directors hailing from across the country and supporters from all regions of the United States broomball world, the USBA… Continue reading What These Letters Stand For (in words & execution)

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So remember that time we ran a tournament? Well turns out we all needed a little break but we are rested, and ready to start planning our next big adventure. Before that gets underway, we would love to know what you would want to see in a future tournament. Fill out this survey and we… Continue reading We Want to Hear From You!

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