Welcome! We are glad you are here!

By USBA-Saturday 27 Jun 2020

To all broomball players, fans, referees, coaches, and organizers: Welcome.

To those who have never played before, and those who play daily; to those of you who are outdoor only players and didn’t know that people played inside; to those of you who don’t have outdoor broomball options; and to those of you who have never played on a full-size sheet of ice or with a real net: Welcome.

To hockey players that think broomball is for people who can’t skate; to those that think broomball is more like soccer or basketball; and to those who think it is a sport played in Harry Potter: Welcome.

To those who have been playing for decades, as well as the beginners; to those who think shoes ruined the game as well as those who think they made it better; to people who think sticks should only be made out of wood, and those with the 20 mm curve: Welcome.

To manufacturers of equipment, and those who make it themselves; to teachers of the game, and students eager to learn; to broomball news fanatics and those that just want to play; to goalies, defensemen, centers, and wings: Welcome.

To Minnesotans, East Coast-ers, Snow birds, and those who can’t find anywhere to play out in California: Welcome.

Welcome to a new way to participate in and share the game of broomball. Welcome to the United States Broomball Association (USBA).

We are here to help, to listen, to teach, to grow, and to let grow. We are here for you and we are here for the sport of broomball. 

Yours truly,
The USBA Board of Directors