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By USBA-Saturday 27 Jun 2020

Support the sport you love when you join the United States
Broomball Association!


Anyone would be hard-pressed to find a more passionate and dedicated group of athletes than broomballers!  The USBA is dedicated to creating new opportunities to play and supporting the broomball community across the country. You can help support the effort by becoming an association member.  Oh, and you get a bunch of perks in return!

  • Monthly e-newsletters
  • Exclusive notifications straight to your inbox (think new equipment releases, tournament dates, and registration links before they are released to the public)
  • Sponsor discounts (because you always need a new pair of shoes)
  • Members are qualified to play in USBA tournaments and affiliated tournaments
  • Skill and training videos (everyone can use a little help)
  • Tournament stats tracking (you know you want to send it to your mom and brag)
  • Access to tournament free agent pools (when the whole team just can’t go)
  • Surveys & polls (because we want to hear from you!)

Annual membership begins each year on June 1st and expires on May 31st.  For the June 2020-May 2021 membership year, there is no fee to become a member.  We are here to get everyone connected, informed, and involved for $0.

For the membership year beginning on June 1, 2021 the membership fee is projected to be $25 per person.  Current members will be notified to renew their membership as that date approaches. Funds will be used to execute programs that will support the community and operational infrastructure costs.  A financial report will be shared with members throughout each year.

We are well on our way of executing our mission, value, and goals.  Please fill out the membership form below and be a part of this new chapter in the history of broomball.  And if you would like to make any kind of donation today or down the road, it will be used to further the success of the sport (we will be keeping members updated on the budget and all that good stuff).  Click here to donate.