Meet Your Board Members-JM

Jessi McGehee – Secretary
Saint Paul, MN

Jessi began playing broomball in outdoor leagues about 11 years go as a goalie. After a knee surgery or two, Jessi decided maybe broomball wasn’t an essential part of life and took some time off. Then about eight years ago a sudden request to play goalie with the Cold Chalupas of Rochester, MN presented itself. Jessi responded to help and showed up to find it was the Minnesota state tournament, making that the first indoor broomball on her resume.  After that, Jessi was hooked and began to play almost daily in winter, and some during the offseason.  Jessi has sought out opportunities to help further the game volunteering with Broomball Central, as a goalie coach and the manager of Red Rock Broomball Club. When it seemed that national broomball was in need of leadership and structure Jessi was the first to reach out and begin the “Nationalize Broomball” initiative and engage BBC and other parties.  BBC was able to provide the national network and additional hard-working individuals to further the initiative and thus the birth of United States Broomball Association (USBA).

Today Jessi serves as the Secretary on the board of directors of USBA. Jessi plays 0pen division broomball primarily with Red Rock, mixed division with the Cold Chalupas, as well as subbing and playing pick up with a number of organizations and clubs.