Meet Your Board Members-DF

Dave Farley – President
Minneapolis, MN

Dave started playing broomball in high school – both at pickup games with friends and out at Fletcher’s with his dad’s team. His first taste of indoor broomball was a couple of years later in college (2005 rec-sport champs!). He got pulled into this whole USBA thing by Jessi McGehee as things got started and was immediately on-board with the idea of a broomball specific organization that was focused on growing the sport nation-wide. Having played in Chicago (and being unable to play for a winter while in San Francisco), he knew that he wanted to help expand the footprint of broomball across the country so that more people can play the game where ever they may live. Right now Dave is back in Minneapolis excited for Broomball to restart after the shutdown of the last few months. He usually plays with Red Rock for open, subs on a few teams for outdoor games, and is accepting offers of beer to get him to join a mixed team.